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Hot topics / Gas insulated transformers

Installation of oil transformers in the underground substations is connected with fire and environmental safety, significant planning of land use as well as with difficulties of technological character connected with oil equipment organization.
When carrying out a project of underground substations, the company East Technologies takes into account all new engineering solutions application of gas insulated transformers (GIT) and GIS.
Gas insulated transformers is the transformer which insulation medium is in SF6 gas. This technology has a number of advantages in comparison with employment of oil transformers
No need to construct special system of oil drains, oil receivers and oil collectors;
Fire and explosion safety;
Joint system of external, internal and automatic fire fighting;
Compactness and possibility to install in underground facilities, basements or ground floors:
Efficiency, possibility of heat recovery from heat-transfer unit of GIT for heating up of facilities;
Compliance with ecological requirements, preservation of natural landscape;
No need for planning of land use for substation construction
Cost savings in materials, construction and installation works, current maintenance and operating costs.

Today the leader in the manufacture of gas insulated transformers is the company Toshiba manufacturing the most powerful transformers of such type in the world. Also some Korean companies manufacture transformers but with much less nominal values.
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