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Power cable

Cable systems with cross-linked polyethylene insulation represent copper/aluminum insulated by cross-linked polyethylene and protected by metallic shield (grooved and jointless shield made of aluminum or wire). Nomenclature of supplied products: Cables from 110kV to 500kV.

Configuration: Insulation as a material it is used extruded transverse braid polyethylene. Conductor shield, insulation and insulation shield, above-mentioned are extruded by one operation in order to guarantee maximum close coupling of screen and insulation and absence of cavities between sheets. The extrusion process is performed at strictly controlled atmospheric conditions. The width of insulating barrier is determined according to maximum value calculated by difference of potentials of impulse and alternating current. Conductor consists of burnt copper wire rod or solid aluminum wire rod, distributed in 3 main types: concentric, O-ring and segmented O-ring.

Concentric wire rod wire with concentric cuttings, sealed ring conductor consist of segments with cuttings and various sealing materials. Usually segmented sealed ring conductor has four parts and is applied in cables with coss-section more than 800 mm2 of barrier resistance increase prevention of AC current, induced by coat formation. If the coss-section of cable is less then 630mm2, then it is used sealed ring rod.
Insulating screen Screen ensures insulation by concentric and ring extruding of semiconductor compound in order to minimize the possibility of outer surface ionization of dielectric. Metallic screen consists of wire shield, grooved aluminum shield or lead shield. Grooved aluminum and lead shields also are used when canal surface is thin and humidity is high. Outer sheath for protection against electrical or chemical corrosion outer sheath is coated with PE or PVC.
Conductor screen consists of extruded semiconducting polyethylene in order to minimize electric load because of braided configuration of conductor. Semiconducting screen applied for conducting screen does not adversely effect on conductor. Sometimes conducting tape is used as a separator.

Couplings: couplings 110 kV 500 kV (straight coupling, outdoor coupling, SF6 joints, transformer coupling).

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