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Gas insulated switchgear (GIS) is a switchgear which contains main electrical equipment of substation such as circuit breakers, interrupters with grounding connectors, current transformers, voltage transformers, surge arrester jointed by grounded metal run filled with SF6 gas.

Nomenclature of supplied products:
Voltage up to 1100 kV
Breaking current up to 63 kA
Rated current up to 8000 A

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KEMA, KERI, OHSAS.

Outdoor SS, closed type SS, floors, basements, underground SS, mobile SS.

- Relative installation speed, convenient terms of shipment;
- Compact size. In comparison with outdoor switchgear, GIS occupies 10 times smaller area;
- Operating safety; Grounded body with numerous fuses and locking devices. Automated monitoring over operations and SF6 system (monitoring and diagnostic systems);
- Environmental friendliness, low noise level during operation of equipment;
- Wide scope of application;
- Modularity; Possibility to design GIS composition to the intent that maximum meet the Customers requirements of equipment installation in necessary room for GIS.
- Tightness; all live parts of GIS are contained in the metal enclosure fully protected against environmental effects such as dust, humidity, snow, rain, salt deposits (in coastal area) that ensure high reliability of GIS operation.
- Gas tightness;
- Simplicity of maintenance. The equipment is low-maintenance because of its high-technology characteristics;
- Quality assurance and successful international experience of equipment operation.

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