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Nomenclature of supplied products

East Technologies supplies the following transformer equipment on markets of Russia and CIS:
Autotransformer for substations
Up to 1000 MVA, 1050kV 1F.
Up to 1500 MVA, 525 kV 3F.
Step-up generator
Up to 1450 MVA, 525 kV 3F.
Shunt reactor
Up to 400 MVA, 800 kV 1F.
Series reactor
Up to 1000 MVA, 400 kV 3F.
Up to 872 MVA, 400 kV DC
Phase-shifting transformer
Up to 1000 MVA, 275 kV 3F
Gas insulated transformer for SS
Up to 400 MVA, 330 kV 3F.
Gas insulated transformer generator for
Hydropower plant
Up to 90 MVA, 132 kV 3F.

Scope of application of transformer equipment:
Separate substations, underground substations in urban areas, office buildings, basements of buildings.

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