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Gas Insulated Transformer

Gas insulated transformer is a transformer which employ SF6 gas as the insulation medium.

Nomenclature of supplies products: Up to 300 kV 400 MVA,

Structural solution:

Insulation / cooling: - sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) with low / high pressure.
Solid insulation material: - mylar film, GAC film, aramid paper, plate cardboard.
Expansion tank: - not required
On-load tap changer:
- Diversion switch - vacuum interrupter
- Tap changer roller contact

Scope of application:

Free-standing substations, underground substations in urban areas, office buildings, basements of buildings. Gas insulated transformers are installed in environmentally critical areas where oil leakage is prohibited.


No need to construct special system of oil drains, oil receivers and oil collector;
Fire and explosion risks; SF6 gas is non-flammable. Since the rise in tank pressure for an internal fault is very small compared with the GIT tank withstand strength, the GIT tank will not explode .
Joint system of external, internal and automatic fire fighting;
Compactness and possibility to install in underground facilities, basements or ground floors: since neither a conservator nor pressure relief arrangement is required, the height of the transformer room can be reduced. For the case of 275 kV / 300 MVA class application, approximately 2 to 2.5 m. reduction in height can be achieved.
The application of GIT together with GIS does not required a fire wall between the GIT and GIS and this arrangement enables a compact substation to be achieved.
Efficiency, possibility of heat recovery from heat-transfer unit of GIT for heating up facilities;
Compliance with ecological requirements, preservation of natural landscape;
When constructing an underground substation with GI T, above ground may be used for different purposes: park area, office buildings, shops, etc.;
Cost savings in materials, construction and installation works, current maintenance and operating costs.
Version of GIT with GIS 110 kV (5 cells)

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