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The President of the Russian Federation about important...
The President of Russia about the policy of innovation development: “new technologies that we are developed - these are things that permit to reduce costs, increase profits of enterprises, improve working conditions and environmental conditions and hence to ensure improvement of prosperity in our country… The better modern technology, the higher living standard and more reliable social guarantees. March 23, 2010, Dmitry Medvedev, Khanty-Mansyisk
From the first person
It gives me a great pleasure to introduce East Technologies, the company destined to develop the innovation integration in Russian energy. If you represent an organization that is planning to use innovation technologies – please contact us. Our company is engaged in packaged supply of innovation electrical equipment of the world’s leading countries, including the equipment which has not been applied yet in Russia but is the most perspective one in the context of the future technologies. Interesting solutions with our equipment will help realize your ideas, including “smart” control over power facilities, provision of reliable operation of objects and application of such technologies in your field whose existence you had never suspected. Qualified personal of East Technologies will help you find the best solutions.

East Technologies General Director
Viktor Rumyantsev